Who we are . . .

How we got started… One day we spent 10 hours cleaning our carpet with a vacuum-type carpet shampooer. No matter how hard we tried, it seemed to look dirtier than before. It felt sticky and wet. Most of the time was spent trying to get the soap out of the carpet. The carpet was soaked and we couldn’t get the water out. We borrowed floor fans from a friend who owned a carpet cleaning company. We ran the fans for a week to dry the carpet. They stopped by to pick up the fans and showed us a new cleaning process that we had never heard of before. It took a fraction of the time to clean. The carpet was brighter. The stains were removed. It dried in just a few hours and we noticed that there was a pattern in our carpet that was never visible before. We were so impressed that we wanted to spread the word to everyone we knew, and Patriot Carpet Cleaning, LLC was born.

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