What we do . . .


Our Products . . .
Our cleaning products are designed to be safe to use and cause minimal environmental impact, but still retain the powerful cleaning capabilities to out-perform other cleaning systems. The concentrated encapsulate solution is so efficient that we use only four ounces per GALLON of water.
Due to the unique formula and low chemical volume, the encapsulate solution leaves behind no soapy residue to cause re-soiling. This means carpet will stay clean longer and reduce the amount of resources needed to keep them clean. Due to the gentleness of this cleaning process (low water, no soaps, etc.), it’s been proven that this process will extend the life of carpet by approximately 30-50%. This means that carpets cleaned using the low-moisture bonnet cleaning process will stay out of landfills for 3-5 years longer than with other cleaning methods.

Our Equipment . . .
We have researched many different types of carpet cleaning equipment, and have decided that the low-moisture bonnet cleaning equipment gives the best results. It is extremely versatile as we can use it to clean any type of carpet in both commercial and residential settings.

Our Process . . .
To ensure the best possible results for our customers, we have developed a three-step procedure that works really well to remove dirt and stains from the carpet.

  1. Pre-vacuum area:
    First, we use a powerful Riccar vacuum, manufactured in the United States, to remove any loose dirt and debris from the carpet.
  2. Spray Encapsulate Solution:
    Next, we spray the encapsulate solution on the carpet. The encapsulate technology enables the solution to capture and surround the dirt particles that are trapped in the carpet.
  3. Use Bonnet Machine to Remove Dirt:
    Lastly, we use the rotating bonnet machine to gently scrub and lift the encapsulated dirt from the carpet.


We also offer tile and grout cleaning to our commercial and residential customers. A portable extraction machine is used along with a hybrid tile and grout cleaning tool to remove years of built up grease, grime and dirt. The equipment can be operated at a pressure range of 500 – 1,200 psi to accommodate various types of hard surface flooring. The high-pressure water is contained under a cleaning disk so there is no splash or over-spray. A powerful vacuum hose extracts away the dirt, grease and grime along with the excess cleaning agents used. The entire process is safe and effective and with this type of system, there are no cleaning products left on the tile and grout to attract dirt and grime later.

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